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Zing dating

They take physical risks but seem to ignore emotional ones.

That is how I feel about boys I’m meeting (most recently, through dating apps). They don’t know how to kiss me or hold me, they seem really attached to their tribe of brother-friends, they don’t know how to establish a rapport with a novel stimulus (me).I was a radish tossed into a sack of potatoes, trying hard to imitate a potato.“Why do these potatoes act like my bitterness and zing are a pain in the ass? “Who doesn’t love the almost-too-sharp taste of a Raphanus sativus? Why do they turn their eyes away from my bright-red color, and flinch like I’m not nearly potato-y enough?But they don’t seem to know what they want from me (maybe they want nothing at all from me).They don’t do anything other than poke at me randomly, hoping I will respond. I literally want to grab all these boys by the shoulders and scream at them, “WHY ARE YOU SO FUCKING DENSE, this is NOT how you make friends/influence people,” but also, “I WANT YOUR D.” The problem with being confident and thinking that I make the right decisions for myself is that I now assume every guy I actually allow to contact me online is worth the pursuit.

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How do I *quickly* discern if a boy is worth keeping around? Something Dear Snark Kitty, When it comes to friendship, lowering your standards is very smart, particularly as you get older.

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