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However, this process requires that you launch it under all your computers. Service Agent setup “OCS-NG-Windows-Agent-Setup.exe” may be called with some command line parameters: Launcher “Ocs Logon.exe” is a small tool able to run inside a login script or an Active Directory GPO.

Its purpose is to setup Agent, if not already installed on client computers, and to launch the OCS Inventory NG Agent if you don't not want to use the service.

Communication Server address is “ocs.mycompany.tld”, and we choose to set up Service Agent version using Packager all-in-one installer “ocspackage.exe” (See Using OCS Packager to create an all-in-one installer to setup agent and server certificate).

If you choose to use Standalone Agent, it’s better to use User policy and startup script, to allow agent running each time a user log in.

Note: You must have Administrator privileges to set up OCS Inventory NG Agent as a service, or you may use OCS Inventory NG Packager to create an installer able to run even if user do not have Administrator privileges.Copy files “Ocs Logon.exe” to a shared folder somewhere in your network. Then add a call to “Ocs Logon.exe” in your users login script. @echo of echo Running system inventory, please wait…REM Call to OCS Inventory NG Launcher REM Using shared folder MY_SHARE on server MY_SERVER REM Using OCS Inventory NG server address ocs.using HTTP protocol (option /SERVER=) REM Install stand alone agent without service (option /NO_SERVICE) REM Ensure that at least Agent version is installed (option /DEPLOY) REM Configure Launcher and Agent to using HTTP proxy server on port 8080 (option /PROXY_TYPE, /PROXY and /PROXY_PORT) REM If needed, install agent silently (option /S) REM As /PACKAGER is not used, this script can only install agent if launched by a user having Administrator rights \MY_SERVER\MY_SHARE\Ocs /NO_SERVICE /S /SERVER= /proxy_type=1 /proxy= /proxy_port=8080 echo Done. Put this script named “ocs.bat” for example on your Domain Controller (in the folder “%WINDIR%\SYSVOL\Domain\Scripts” on Windows Controller, where “%WINDIR%” is usually “C:\WINNT” or “C:\Windows”).Launcher “Ocs Logon.exe” will try to connect by default to Communication Server using URL To use a different URL, you must provide “/SERVER=http[s]://your_server[:your_port]/ocsinventory” command line parameter (strings between [] are optional).

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If you've protected your Communication Server access with credentials, you must specify credentials agent will use to authenticate (these credentials will be encrypted to be stored into configuration file).

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