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Accountability for beliefs, actions, and behavior can also only be expected of people without penises.From Tip 40: “You need to be his moral compass.” You have the responsibility of making sure “he does the right thing.” Correlatively, his moral failures are probably your fault, too.

You can’t control love but you can take some precautions to control a cold sore. And if you have found somebody that cares about you, they will understand this. If you dare break any of these rules, please be aware that the Chuck Henderson–type man will do everything in his power to hurt you and police the ideal relationship-world that exists in his brain.(See Tip 5: “Watch the fuck out.” And Tip 30: “Don’t risk [it] or there will be bad times ahead.” And Tip 35: “If you do it…your relationship might never recover.”) In short, women must accept that if they can just treat their partners like man-children and not use words with too many syllables, well, then women can really dominate: We can “take charge, keep [men] content and get what [we] want at the same time.” Now, presumably what people actually want from their romantic relationships differs from person to person.So having a cold sore shouldn’t be a deal-breaker when it comes to dating.Relationships can become quite serious, but having a cold sore is not considered a serious health condition. Most people contract the cold sore virus as a kid from an adult who is carrying the virus.

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She has written about politics, immigration, Latin America, and social justice for publications such as NACLA and the New Statesman, and is one of the founders of the London Fields Feminist Book Group.

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