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She worked for the big stockbroking firms like Merrill Lynch, made her way up through the ranks of Fleet Street and Canary Wharf and competed tirelessly against other brokers.

She consulted rich hedge fund managers in the streets of Mayfair, she made and lost millions of pounds.

Stcherbatcheff could be a role-model for women wanting to enter the financial world. During the time she spent in finance, bonuses vanished, and entire banks (and countries) went bankrupt.

She watched as colleagues blew their bonuses on fast cars, expensive champagne and lap dancers.

London Lite was the trading name of a British free daily newspaper, published by Associated Newspapers (part of Daily Mail and General Trust), and now defunct.

It was available Monday to Friday afternoons and evenings from street distributors in Central London only.

The closing of The London Paper ironically brought about the demise of London Lite.

She married and divorced one of her fellow brokers. She was one of them and yet often felt like an alien in a man's world.

The use of resources to print something with such a short lifespan was criticised on environmental grounds.

Westminster City Council estimated that free newspapers made up a quarter of all rubbish in the West End, much of which went un-recycled, although some stations positioned recycling bins at entrances and exits for this purpose.

"They generally think women approaching 30 are not going to be around for much longer, so they don’t have to worry about giving them big bonuses to keep them on, or stop them leaving to go to rival firms," Stcherbatcheff told The Times.

She shared her rallying journey through the "machoness" of the financial world freely, first in the anonymous column "City Girl" she wrote for thelondonpaper, then in her own book "Confessions of a City Girl" which was published last August and included revealing of her identity.

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"It is a competitive business, regardless of being a woman or not," she simply says without any reference to her previously detailed experiences, shocks and trials of being a woman broker in the city. Surprising to many, her male colleagues never treated her badly.

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