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Features Oliver White, Lance Dalton, Elliot von Hart, Clark Alwin, Jack Burward, and Noah Smit. Wonderland Days: A Fanfic Chapter 1: Day One It was a warm and sunny day in my hometown as I, Ashley, sat upon a hill with my childhood friend, Noah. I quickly walked over to the hole and peered down into it. It was then I felt some of the ground break apart below me, and I slipped into the hole. I fell for little while more before I hit the ground. I sat up on my knees and rubbed it so that the pain could go away faster. I looked round quickly and pulled it off the bush, and held it up to myself. I quickly looked around and when I saw that no one was around, I stuffed the white dress into my side bag 'Oliver may be right about surface people being thieves' I thought I set off out of the room and decided to run, since I was feeling hyped up.

I quickly explored the small home until I found the bedroom.We'd always watch the sunset together and play hide and seek in the woods." Noah said, looking off towards our small town. 'Wonder if he remembers what today is.' I thought as I turned my head a bit to look at my brown-haired friend."Oh, that's right. Sorry, I should have gotten you a cake, but the bakery's always closed on Sunday's... I walked over to it and bent down to pick it up."A key? By the time I got out, it was about noon."Where to next? I was looked around before I saw a little gardens of sorts that was a bit away from the Maze. I saw there was a boy there who looked older than me, maybe his late teens, early twenties? 'Oliver say the people here were nice, so I may get some help from him.'I took a deep breath to knock out my nervousness and I walked over to him. He was wear a fancy tuxedo of sorts and a...white top hat. I felt someone run past me, so I opened my eyes, and what I saw was the backside of a boy with gray hair and...rabbit ears? When nothing happened, I decided to go left, since it was the only other way to leave this "room", besides the way I had come in. "My name's Ashley." I smiled afterwords, hoping it would lighten the mood a bit. Don't worry, the folks of Wonderland don't steal from each other like people on the surface." He said with a smile.'Gee, didn't know I was a thief.' I annoyingly thought. Don't be a butt-head now, this guy is letting you stay with him, so don't even be mean to him in your head! It's a real charm to meet you, Ashley, I hope we get along well."I nodded. "I'll leave my house unlocked so that you can enter it anytime you wish. Nice having you around to chit chat with though."I felt my face get extremely hot since I was blushing, all because I had sort of stopped listening after he said "What do you want to do?

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Don't forget to allocate your girls charm, wit and luck character points before you start your adventure.

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