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Kermit 95 does not operate under "mini" versions of Windows such as Windows CE, Pocket PC, or Windows Mobile, nor can it be used in Windows 3.1 or earlier.Kermit 95 is remarkably stable, robust, and resilient to changes in Windows and the Internet.These are legitimate warnings because a host pool looks to SSH exactly like man-in-the-middle attack.This happens with any SSH client, not just K95, and it's one of many reasons it's better to use Kerberos security than SSH, but that horse left the barn a long time ago.Of course the file could contain any commands you want, for example to automate some repetitive interactive task; see the Kermit script library for examples and ideas.[ Next ] [ Previous ] [ Top ] Like all software, Kermit 95 can have bugs.

If you use Kermit 95 to log in to such a Unix system and try to use any application that formats the screen (EMACS, Vi, etc), you will get a message to the effect that your terminal type is unknown.Server Fix: Change the server's SSH compression parameter in When making an SSH connection to a host pool you will get a lot of scary warnings like "WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION CHANGED!The authenticity of host XXX can not be established", etc.Problems that might surface in any of these environments are noted below, in most cases with diagnoses and workarounds.Kermit 95 also operates under IBM OS/2 3.0 and later; this is a separate executable that is available only on the Kermit 95 2.0 CDROM that comes in the retail shrinkwrap package.

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