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He's the big bad's most formidable lieutenant, leading a group of easily disposed assassins while wearing an incredibly pointy leather jacket and packing axe heads on chains in his sleeves.Also, he can transform into some sort of lizardish dragon, which makes you wonder why he bothered to get into the assassin-king business in the first place? ) But this recent fantasy flop is such a jumbled mess that Radu's villainous dilettantism isn't anywhere near the most random element — and he does get a sizable showdown with Master Gregory (Jeff Bridges). A random terrorist who gets sucked into serving as a de facto henchman to main baddie Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham). "The role of the tracker Korath the Pursuer is a minor one in James Gunn's joyous Marvel hit, but it earned extra prominence thanks to the fact that the moment when Korath fails to recognize Peter Quill's (Chris Pratt) nickname of choice earned major trailer placement.Sample line: "Do you ever do anything the easy way?"Kosa gets the dubious honor of being Lara Croft's African Friend, a plot device to serve as evidence of her cosmopolitan, well-traveled ways.That Abou Fatma ends up suffering for his assistance by getting whipped by some of the men Harry wants to help only delineates Harry's status as a good Englishman versus his more ignorant, arrogant colonial cohorts.

Though Hounsou was born in Bénin, he's lived in the U. for the past 25 years and when he's not being cast as exotic, helpful warrior types, he's frequently playing exotic, menacing lackeys.That's never more clear than when Hounsou first saunters on screen to aid the white hero in his quest for self-actualization, and eventually saunters back off — it's evident that the story should really have been about Abou Fatma all along. Reluctant, rebellious henchman to Prospera (Helen Mirren).Sample line: "This island’s mine, by Sycorax my mother, which thou takest from me."Julie Taymor's second big screen Shakespeare adaptation may be more ambitious than it is successful.He helps her out as a translator, and then gets captured, along with everyone else, when the baddies arrive.The shameless thinness of Hounsou's role here is mitigated only slightly by the fact that this entire globe-trotting sequel treats the countries it visits (and the people in them) as fab backdrops for Lara's action stylings and opportunities to show off her wide-ranging designer wardrobe for all climates. Henchman to Hanover (Wes Studi), whose team of trained mercenaries aims to rob a luxury cruise ship before a deadly sea monster gets in the way.

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He has no motivation other than chasing the movie's big Mac Guffin — but he at least gets a cool entrance and a chance to terrorize Los Angeles in a missile-bearing helicopter. He's not written as if he's been sitting around waiting for an eventual opportunity to help John Constantine out, and he has a nifty trick involving a sort of weaponized psychic surgery.

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