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When did remus and tonks start dating

Watch her face her trials from her early years at Hogwarts to face the death of one of her mentors, Albus Dumbledore.

As Lily, Petunia, Bellatrix, Narcissa, and the marauders prepare return to Hogwarts for their seventh and final year, faith and friendship will be tried, loyalty will be questioned, and even bonds of family will break to determine who is on the light side in the end.

Rating: PG-13 - Spoilers: PS/SS, Co S, Po A, Go F, Oot P - 8704 hits - 13007 words Genre: Adventure, Slash - Main character(s): H, Luc M, RL, Snape - Ships: H/Luc M, James/SB, RL/Snape - Era: Harry and Classmates Post-Hogwarts Harry has been in Azkaban for years.

When he is finally set free, he finds Dumbledore dead, Snape insane, Remus turned into a wolf, and Lucius Malfoy a fugitive innocent of the murder he's blamed for.

L/J, R/S As another day dawns, Sirius Black confides to Remus his suspicions that they and the rest of the inmates of the Fan Fiction Factory are merely cogs in the wheels of some great and sinister conspiracy. Join them in the Fanficfactory for another day of saving the world as we know it.

"If we are imaginary," he suggests, "then surely our imaginations are as valid as anyone else's." Remus thinks he has a point. Rating: 15 - Spoilers: PS/SS, Co S, Po A, Go F, Oot P, HBP, DH, EPI, QTTA, FB, BB, JKR - 846 hits - 23775 words Genre: Friendship, Romance - Main character(s): James, OPWW, Peter, RL, SB - Ships: RL/SB - Era: 1970-1981 (Including Marauders at Hogwarts) Astriel Mc Gonagall is a young woman entering her seventh year at Hogwarts. It is a story that extends far beyond ther final year at Hogwarts, but into her adulthood, her marriage to Sirius Black and career as an Auror.

When Sirius shows up, though, many things are resolved. The arrival of Anastasia Twigg-Jones at Hogwarts sets into motion a year of intrigue, revenge, laughter, secrets, love and murder that reaches into the past and impacts everyone's future. Let's 'hang around' and watch the sparks and spells fly, shall we?

He needs some information, but he has a hard time finding anyone to trust: Sirius is too rash, James is worse than Draco Malfoy, and Peter might be harboring treacherous thoughts already.

Certain revelations are made; certain old angers resurface.

One last difficult confession and one last confrontation lie between Sirius and freedom.

This story is a re-telling of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J. One fateful night, in his sixth year at Hogwarts, Sirius Black sets off a chain of events that could destroy himself and those closest to him.

Learn what happened the night of the prank through the eyes of the witches and wizards most intimately involved.

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"Perhaps there was such a thing as being too much of a gentleman." After giving Tonks an ultimatum, Remus finds faith, not drowning sorrows with Sirius, is the only thing that makes waiting bearable.

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