What to expect when dating a german man 100 free webcam chat for iphone

What to expect when dating a german man

So forget what you’ve heard about all the Germans being cold and mean.

They have a heart, they can love deeply and intense, they are loyal and they do everything they possibly can to make their loved ones happy. I am lucky, I get to have arguments with W in my own language, sort of, because sometimes he doesn’t know the Portuguese word for what he wants to say, or I don’t remember the Portuguese word at the moment and just say it in German. We have our own language, a crazy mix of German, Portuguese and English, but what matters is that we always find a way to understand the other. Why call a professional if you already have your German husband?

If 10 years ago someone had told me that I would be married to a German, I would laugh. Well, life is REALLY full of surprises, not only I married a German who speaks German, but one that also speaks my language too, Portuguese. Yes, our 3-year wedding anniversary is tomorrow, and while this post is being published, we are celebrating this day in Paris.

A husband who actually speaks that crazy language that sounds more like cursing, drinks lots of beer and only eats potatoes and sausages?

Of course, I’d be willing to accept that the problem lies with me – I’m no Angelina Jolie, after all, and I don’t even own a push-up bra.

Indeed, I did assume the fault was my own, until I realised I wasn’t the only one to have experienced such blatant indifference to my feminine charms.

Did the emergence of the Italian Stallion and French charmer all those centuries ago cause the German species to evolve in the other direction – nature’s way of balancing things out for the women of Europe?

They are very dedicated at work, and approximately 90% – I estimated that – of what they talk about after work is work. The rest 10% of remaining subjects of conversation involve football, cars, and maybe something they need to fix in the house. However, they don’t really know where dirty clothes should go, and they will complain every time you forget to open the window for at least 5 minutes during winter! What probably many of you don’t know is that they drink it almost every day, sometimes even for breakfast – here in Bavaria.

The Spiegel Online, in the run-up to the German World Cup in 2006, provided some guidelines for foreign fans looking to “score a German” after the game. The Deutsche Welle, offering advice to international students on the subject of flirting, also advises caution.

Would-be seducers should be cautious, it warned, since saying hello to a German lady “comes across as overly forward”. Apparently, “eye contact and good manners” will get you much further than “exaggerated macho posturing”.

German men, it found, “see the conquest of German women as an extreme sport…. Clearly German men aren’t much into their high-risk sports; according to the author, they may even be victims of “Venustraphobia” – the fear of chatting up beautiful women.

Some see this fear as having been provoked by an excessively emancipated female population, who have now taken over the predator role in the sexual hunting game.

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hmm, yes, just a little bit, but there is more to it. One of the first things I learned about a German man is that he can cry.

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