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We were through and I went on with my career, as I progressed and changed jobs. ‎‎Well, I didn't know this at the time, but a casual relationship isn't always a casual relationship, and I was called a cheater. ‎As I arrived to her destination, I decided to pop open her trunk, take out her spare, and tried to place it on her vehicle.

My ex, on the other hand, had some kind of disrepency with her parents and was sent up to Santa Barbara to live. I was dating another girl, or having one of those casual open ended relationships? So that breakup didn't go so well and she hated me for years. I had so much confidence, so much faith, so much belief for the future. It was just the pure desire to make this woman, who I would drive hundreds of miles to see, happy. Little did I know, that the jack in her car was broken.

Someone that is only focused on the financial benefits will have a difficult time consistently maintaining the charade of caring for you, especially when not getting their way.If your partner will set you back in order for them to get ahead financially, that’s someone that you don’t want in your corner.They will always put their wants ahead of your needs. When we first met, I found her on the most unusual place on the internet. She criticized and condemned me, for being the poor broke kid I was. She wanted her heart to be made out of gold, pure gold. Quite an unusual night indeed, as we both had car problems and were stranded there. She told me of how she thought of me, being blunt and honest, due to my financial situation.

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No matter how much I tried or asked, she refused to give me back my Louis Vuitton wallet. I knew I wasn't going to get my wallet back, so I just sent her off a letter probably telling her to go to hell, or something along those lines. She had picked me up, and we took a trip up to signal hill, overlooking the city. Butterflies ran down my stomach and I knew I was in love. ‎As the next day came, I had to figure out what to do. ‎As we lived together, another sign occurred that proved we weren't meant to be.

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