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She then burns the loom and throw the ash far away from the palace. A crone crosses by the tree and is enticed by the scent of its only fruit. Tấm then commands the royal soldiers to pour boiling water onto her and then taking her corpse to make sauce (in the same way fish sauce is made). In some variations, the stepmother and Cám died out of anger when Tấm comes back.The old woman says: O golden apple, fall to my sack Your scent I'll smell, eat you I'll not (Original: "Thị ơi thị à, rụng vào bị bà, bà để bà ngửi chứ bà không ăn." or "Thị ơi thị rơi bị bà, bà để bà ngửi chứ bà không ăn"). She sends the sauce to her stepmother, saying it is Cám's gift. One day, a crow flies by the stepmother's house and rests on her roof and cries out: "Delicious! The story's plot is very similar to some other culture's folklore.He tells her to stop crying and see what is left in the basket, which is merely a goby.

Tấm follows his counsel, and the goby grows noticeably. Collect its bones, put them in four jars and bury them under your bed legs.", and she does so.

Prying in her behaviour, the stepmother and the half-sister discover the fish as well as the poem by which Tấm summons it. Soon after, the king hosts a festival lasting days, which attracts people from everywhere, and these three are not exceptions.

The stepmother plans to distance Tấm in order to kill the fish: "My daughter, the village has prohibited using the field; tomorrow you should graze our buffaloes far away, or they shall seize them." Tấm obeys her stepmother, which allows them to butcher the goby. Noticing that Tấm also want to join, the stepmother mixes up rice and paddy that she has to separate them before joining the festival, and threatens to punish her if she does not have it done by the time they back from the festival.

The stepmother takes Tấm's clothes for Cám to wear.

Cám goes to the king's palace and lies to him that Tấm was unfortunately drowned a pond and died by accident, so she goes here to replace her. On her way, she scolds Cám while she is washing the king's clothes. Missing his wife, the king says: "O oriole, if you are my wife, enter my sleeve", and she does so.

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Saying so, he tells all the women in the festival to try the slipper to find out the owner, whom he shall wed. Seeing Tấm trying the shoe, Cám and her mother mock her.

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