Validating the results of a route choice simulator

Validating the results of a route choice simulator

Outside of anecdotal evidence, though, no scientific research exists to back up these claims.Can one really declare that a particular e-meter read was the result of dying ninety-nine billion years ago on the other side of the galaxy?See earlier Terra Cognita: The Is-Ness of Is-Ness, Cause Over Life — Really? , The Condition of Liabilitiness, Condition of Doubtfulness The Mind, The Way To Happiness: Really?A Story, Auditing: a PC’s Quest for the Holy Grail, The Knowledge Report, Integrity, The Almighty Stat, The Reg, The Horrors of Wordclearing, Why Scientologists Don’t FSM, Respect, The Survival Rundown – The Latest Scam, Communication in Scientology… , To Be Or Not To Be, An Evaluation of Scientology, Fear: That Which Drives Scientology and Justification and Rationalization.

And vice versa: needle reactions don’t always mean there’s a charged incident to run.Did the memory directly cause the needle to react, or did the recollection (or mock up) cause the PC to involuntarily clench which in turn, caused the needle to fall? LRH taught that a “fall” meant a particular item should be addressed.Many times, there is something in need of handling.This quote has nothing to do with the e-meter—or maybe it does.“ According to LRH, the e-meter reacts to charged items in a PC’s mind—past incidents containing emotional trauma.

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If the needle doesn’t react to an auditor’s question or command, it’s assumed there is no charge and the auditor moves on to the next item.

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