Validating radiobutton

Validating radiobutton

You can achieve this by using the directive normally like you would on a regular input element, but you must make sure that your component satisfies the following: There are situations where you need to 'transfer' or communicate errors from child components to their parent and vice versa.

Although this is not related to the plugin, the need is common enough to require an example.

You might need to also use your Laravel/Express or whatever backend as your validation provider for numerous reasons, like checking if an email is unique since it is hard to implement on the client-side, we can acheive this using a custom rule and the The following demo shows how would it work in action, note that it will only trigger if the user entered a valid email since the validator early exits upon first failure.

To do so, click on the 'Library' radio button next to Validation (as shown above).

Next, enter an error message in the ERROR MESSAGE field.

However, in order to actually force validation of an element, you must invoke a validation script / rule.

You do that in the 'Validation' section of a form element: Under most circumstances, you will want to choose a validation rule from the library.

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This is the error that will appear to a user if the field does not validate.

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