Validating information online

Validating information online

We are now making available public data on Specifications, Groups, Organizations and Users.

We are providing a JSON format initially with alternate formats in the works and we will be expanding what information we expose over time.

TIMIT was developed by a consortium including Texas Instruments and MIT, from which it derives its name.USP Reference Standards are not intended for use as drugs, dietary supplements, or medical devices.Directions for storage and use are on the label of each Reference Standard.Additionally, the design strikes a balance between multiple speakers saying the same sentence in order to permit comparison across speakers, and having a large range of sentences covered by the corpus to get maximal coverage of diphones.Five of the sentences read by each speaker are also read by six other speakers (for comparability).

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Users must determine the suitability of Reference Standards for applications and uses not in the USP–NF, Food Chemicals Codex, or Dietary Supplements Compendium.

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