Updating the twenty year old dot helmet standard

Helmet models from previous years often have only a small decal with "DOT" written on it, making it far more difficult to be certain it is actually certified without doing some research; most major manufacturers, though, can be relied on for producing DOT-certified helmets for street use in the U. Back to Top Canadian motorcycle riders have a bit more flexibility when it comes to motorcycle helmet safety certifications.Since the nation eliminated the Canadian-specific standard - Standard CAN-3-D230 of the Canadian Standards Association - helmets which are allowed on Canadian roads simply must have Even though all provinces within Canada set their own rules and regulations for use of motorcycle helmets by riders and passengers, all provinces will accept any of the three standards listed above.Knowing which laws apply to you will depend on where you live and to which parts of the country you travel by motorbike.Residing in a state which does not require a motorcycle helmet does not grant you permission to ride without a helmet in a state where every rider is required to be protected.Buying a helmet may make you wonder about the various helmet safety certifications and changes that go into effect in May 2013 for the DOT helmet standard may make you wonder even more.There are more than the three standards that we’ll cover here, but these are the ones you are most likely to see: DOT, ECE 22.05 and Snell.

All of the submitted products must pass the standard tests and the production line must adhere to certain quality control requirements so that all helmets are made in an identical manner, or the certification is not given.So, though it may seem like it is best to find a helmet with the most safety certifications, it is no safe bet. You are not only saving your own life, but also those of the people who depend on and care about you.All you need to be sure of to be legal is that any motorcycle helmet you purchase for use on U. or Canadian roads meets the DOT FMVSS 218 standard. Back to Top Written By: JC Current Motorcycle Noise and Wearing Ear Plugs Should You Take a Motorcycle Rider's Course?To help you wade through the details, we cover the following topics in this guide: Below are the latest requirements, state-by-state, based on the most recent data and knowledge available.Look it over closely so that you are not inconvenienced by the authorities the next time you travel through a state you visit only occasionally.

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Do not rely solely on a "DOT" sticker; do your research with the company selling the lid and the helmet manufacturer to be completely certain that you have a helmet which is in compliance with the DOT standard at minimum.

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