Updating kitchen countertops

Allen Lyle: All right, I’ve got an in-cap that I can place on here. Allen Lyle: Now, all these chips, we want to fill that, right? It has two in-caps: one’s for the right-hand side, one’s for the left-hand side. And that right there is about all you’re going to want on there. And many times when we’re out on the road and Allen runs out of his hair spray. So if you’re in the market for a new garbage disposal, or you want to upgrade one, look no further than right here. And basically this is the Mac Daddy Cadillac of garbage disposals. This is also a great time for Allen to help Stephanie install the tilt-out. Danny Lipford: As well as a roll-out we picked up for the cabinets. Now, you’ve got your pipes in here and there’s not a lot you can do, but we can put a roll-out tray right here. Also, you want to put a very, very light coat on which is the same thing you want to do any time you’re spraying. Jodi Marks: You know, if you have a busy kitchen like I do, there’s nothing worse then flipping the switch for your garbage disposal and it not working or it’s not working properly because it’s not powerful enough. So while it does, we start putting back up the cabinet doors. We get a lot of people who of course, all of their cleaning supplies are typically under the kitchen sink. Ashley Fleming: And then the last step is the top coat. It’s for people who have never done a lot of house projects. This is the exciting part right here with the minerals. But first we have to get all of these items off of here before we can get this project started. Ashley Fleming: After we paint your counters, you’ll want them cleared off all the time because you’ll like looking at them again Stephanie Ward: Absolutely. Danny Lipford: Allen’s a little late to the party, but he’s here to help with some of the moving. Ashley Fleming: Just with this roller, you go right over your old countertops. So you’ll see with each step you just go straight up and down with your minerals. Allen Lyle: That’s because they decided that they could do it better than we could. Stephanie and countertop painting expert Ashley Fleming finished the first step on the counters, while Allen and I were prepping and resealing the cabinet doors. Ashley Fleming: Yeah, primer’s done and we’re ready to make rock. I see you have all kinds of little artsy stuff here going on. Danny Lipford: Fortunately, there’s a better spirit of cooperation in the kitchen.

Allen Lyle: All we’ve got to do is we’re going to push it where it needs to be. Ashley Fleming: First we start with the foam brush. You’re going to be scraping the surface and cleaning the blade. Work quickly; you get the job done with no problem at all. As they’re masking around the countertop edges, Stephanie’s husband Jamey drops in on his lunch break. And the reason this is a nice, handy tip is that when you’re finishing a piece of furniture, you’re going to be doing this a lot. Joe Truini: If you’ve ever used paint stripper to refinish a piece of furniture, you know it’s an extremely messy job. The cool thing about this kit is that it includes these tools along with the paint so you have everything you need in one package. Meanwhile, Allen has moved to the back porch to stay out of the rain. You know, we have so many people asking about, “What was that again? Well, I guess we can go ahead and take all the hardware off these first. Danny Lipford: While Jamey recovers from the shock, let’s check in with Joe for a Simple Solution. Danny Lipford: Once the edges are cut in, Stephanie uses a small foam roller to cover the larger flat surfaces. Ashley Fleming: This’ll be the last time you have to look at that. Ashley Fleming: You’ll see later how it’s going to show through the final finish. Danny Lipford: But that will come a little later after all this primer has dried.

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Stephanie Ward: So we’re going to use this granite paint to make our counters look like granite. Take a cardboard box, and cut a slit in it with a utility knife that’s slightly longer than the width of your putty knife. Danny Lipford: All right, you’re getting to the point of no return now, huh? Ashley Fleming: Yeah, all the edging with the foam brush. Stephanie Ward: So another reason why I’m excited about getting this done is because I have stains on my counters.

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