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That number more than doubled to 33% in 2012, and rose to 48% in 2013. attorneys in private practice currently use a tablet, and that has remained true since 2014. In 2017, that number is at an all-time low of 81.3%. Keep in mind, though, that this data was all collected in early 2017.But since then, the number has essentially held steady: 49% in 2014, 49.6% in 2015, 50.6% in 2016, and 49.8 in 2017%. It used to be that around 90% of attorneys using a tablet were using an i Pad. If 81.3% of the 49.8% of attorneys use a tablet use an i Pad, that means that about 40.5% of all U. As I reported yesterday, i Pad sales peaked in 2014 and then decreased substantially, but for the last six months, i Pad sales have started to increase again, perhaps due to the new 10.5" i Pad Pro and the second generation 12.9" i Pad Pro released in mid-2017.(My reports on prior ABA surveys are located here: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010.) Over 70% of all U. attorneys use an i Phone The 2017 survey revealed that a record number of attorneys in the U. are using a smartphone (around 95%), and of the attorneys using a smartphone, a record number are using an i Phone (around 75%).The survey asks each attorney "Do you use a smartphone (e.g.If you add the numbers, you'll notice that they add up to 101.5%.But it makes sense for the number to be slightly over 100% because I know that a small number of attorneys use multiple smartphones.The 2017 report (edited by Joshua Poje) was just released, and as always, I was particularly interested in Volume VI, titled Mobile Lawyers.No survey is perfect, but the ABA tries hard to ensure that its survey has statistical significance, and every year this is one of the best sources of information on how attorneys use technology.

If nothing else, you need to use a password to protect your device.

Looking at the past seven years on a chart shows visually how the percentage of attorneys using a tablet increased substantially from 2011 to 2013, and then has remained around 50%. Pretty much the same thing that they are doing with their smartphones (other than the phone function), with over half of attorneys reporting that they are regularly using their tablets for internet access, email and calendars.

Popular apps The survey also asked attorneys to identify apps that they use.

Other popular uses are text messaging, GPS/maps, taking pictures and mobile-specific research apps.

Only 8.2% use a smartphone to track time and expenses (which is down slightly from 10% last year).

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