Updatepanel hidden field not updating

Drop Handle will add some children to this element to facilitate external drop events. The input is completely transparent so the contents underneath is visible but at the same time a dropped object lands on the input triggering its DOM events.

This option specifies the class name assigned to this input.

This way you don’t need to create a hidden file input that, when clicked, will allow the user to select files to upload.

When given two parameters and the second is either a function or array adds listeners to listed event(s).

Find examples and up-to-date information in the extensively commented source code.

Function signatures with zero or one arguments are omitted for brevity. File Drop class calls this automatically if an upload was triggered by an unsupported browser (neither Firefox nor Chrome-based).

If unset value actual event handlers are not called and that value is returned.

These callbacks receive the same arguments as the target event plus that event’s name in front. Below is a brief description of all methods available on a Drop Handle instance.

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Below are some examples — look in the docs and sources for complete info. skip First, if given, omits specified number of elements from the start. then base’s properties will replace those in child even if child has its own properties of that name.

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