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Usually they’ll track various parts of the user’s behavior and allow the participant to type in comments, but that’s it.For that reason, automated research studies are most useful when evaluating the usability of a specific feature.Usertesting.com, Open Hallway, User Lytics, and Try My UI. No matter which guerilla method you choose, you can use an online web form to intercept qualified visitors in real time, and then call them or e-mail them right away to begin a session.

A serious caution: Almost all of these services supply the participants from a “research panel,” a small army of paid participants who may not reflect your real users, and who may not care about using your interface at all, both of which can affect feedback validity.

One new feature that people can do is use Facebook Connect to find strangers who have liked the same things on Facebook.

You can also type in common interests, these will only connect you to people who have the same interest(s).

The approach you take will depend mostly on how you feel about people—do you want to talk to users face-to-face, or use one of the many new UX tools and let computers gather the information automatically? Conduct and record a screen-sharing session with someone you know.

This straightforward method is just as good, contrary to obsolete popular belief, as a face-to-face testing session for most purposes.

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It’s also nice to have a microphone headset so you don’t have to cradle the phone during the test.

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