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A hydrogen economy, however, would be difficult to scale up globally.

Fuel cells currently are expensive to build, though once in place, they can provide greenhouse gas–free electricity, especially if the initial electricity used in electrolysis is derived from a renewable energy source such as solar or wind.

Seems they had hoped/planned on separating some of the tools out of the Padre core from the beginning (and many seem to be vimmers).

With their blessing and encouragement, I have pulled the editor independent parts of their PPI:: Task tools into its own distribution—PPIx:: Editor Tools—available now on CPAN.

While I am trying to limit the amount of multitasking and concentrate on one thing at a time, I might leave a terminal/screen session up for days and when I come back I can jump right back where I started. I am thinking about giving a presentation at one of my local Perl Monger meetings.

So as usual, I have spent a bunch of time toying with new tools rather than getting work done!

After a bit of Googling, I finally learned that this was a feature. We’ll after neglecting this blog for quite some time, I’m now back.

I had to swap my laptop during the summer, and I decided to give one of the Mac Book Pros a try.

The familiar HO water molecule, for example, has two hydrogen atoms bound to a single oxygen atom.Which tools: open source presentation creation software.I wanted something that would take a simple text file and easily create an attractive and easy to use presentation.Open up the Apple Script Editor, paste the following code and save it as -- Align selected cells across selection -- Copyright under GPL by Mark Grimes -- Saving with '\sca' in the filename creates Shortcut: Crtl Shift a tell application "Microsoft Excel" --activate tell range (get address selection) of active sheet if (get count columns) 1 then if (get horizontal alignment) is horizontal align center across selection then set horizontal alignment to horizontal align general else set horizontal alignment to horizontal align center across selection end if else if (get horizontal alignment) is horizontal align center then set horizontal alignment to horizontal align general else set horizontal alignment to horizontal align center end if end if end tell end tell I recently switched to a Mac and really miss my auto color cells VBA script for Excel.After quite a bit of digging (and trial-and-error) I managed to recreate the functionality using Apple Script. Just like the VBA version, this automatically color codes cells to help identify inputs, formulas, etc.

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To acquire hydrogen in a useable form, it has to be split from other substances.

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