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According to Roy, she had continued screening titles for the festival from her hospital bed.“She was just fearless,” Roy told Indiewire in a conversation this afternoon.“My late colleague Jytte was a diviner,” added Laurence Kardish, Jensen’s longtime co-curator at the museum, who retired in 2012.“From Asta Nielsen, the first European star, to new films from the Middle East, she celebrated the originals.” Jensen held a masters degree in cinema studies from New York University, which brought her to New York from Denmark.It's time for companies to look at products the way customers do: as a way to get a job done.When planning new products, companies often start by segmenting their markets and positioning their merchandise accordingly.

“If we backed off any of those territories, we would really be betraying her legacy,” he said.

This segmentation involves either dividing the market into product categories, such as function or price, or dividing the customer base into target demographics, such as age, gender, education, or income level.

Unfortunately, neither way works very well, according to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, who notes that each year 30,000 new consumer products are launched—and 95 percent of them fail.

Highlights included annual programs like Premiere Brazil!

, as well as 2006’s Prix Jean Vigo, a yearlong celebration of first films by French directors.

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