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Although Coach ultimately wishes to get rid of his arch nemesis, Russell, he feels that is would be more appropriate to get rid of Courtney, his tribe's weakest link.

Russell is still dead-set on ousting Coach, but Danielle advises him against it.

By getting rid of Coach, Russell further solidifies an alliance with the Heroes after the merge by tricking them into thinking that there is a woman's alliance on the Villains side.

"Once we merge, they ain't gonna talk to one of the girls.

As they devour the seemingly endless amount of food, Amanda becomes superstitious about her tribe's recent victories.

"I mean I don't want to jinx us here, but we're on a little bit of a roll, but the Villains still have the numbers, so in our minds we're still catching up and we don't want to get overconfident and we just want to keep it going," says Amanda. If we merge right now, we got them on our side in a heart beat," says J. A DIVIDED TRIBE Back at the Villains camp, things start to heat up when Jerri badmouths Sandra and Courtney for not participating in the challenge.

Sandra is elated that Russell took the bait, and credits herself with easily controlling Russell, but unbeknownst to her, Russell has bigger plans.

The first pair back at their mat with their flag scores one point for their tribe. Because both tribes have odd numbers, one of the match-ups will be a one-on-one showdown. For the first match-up, Russell and Sandra take on Amanda and Candice. and Colby fly through the muddy course with ease, Parvati and Courtney slug through at a snails pace. ANOTHER DAY IN THE DIRT The Villains return to their camp, and wash off their mud-caked bodies in the ocean.

Both tribes are neck-and-neck until the second half of the course, where Sandra completely falls out of it. While the rest of the tribe appears utterly defeated, Coach boasts on his stellar performance.

They will roll the ball down the lane, knocking over as many pins as they can. Whoever knocks over the most pins scores one point for their tribe.

The first tribe to score three points wins a feast of pizza, beer and brownies.

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Host Jeff Probst explains the rules of the challenge, which is Survivor bowling.

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