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Rajeev Jayadevan reported at a Digestive Diseases Weekly conference in May 2003 that a study of over 600 patients at Our Lady of Mercy Medical Centre in New York City showed that a glass or two a day of wine (or the equivalent in beer or spirits) reduces the occurrence of bowel polyps that can lead to colorectal cancer.Moreover, the effect appears to be cumulative: Those who drank one to two glasses per day had only 20% of the polyp incidence of non-drinkers.Wine also contains an antifungal compound called resvatrol that lowers serum cholesterol.Wine promotes the flow of gastric juices that enhance the digestive process.

The results were reported in the February 20, 2003 edition of (March 19, 2003) carries a paper by Dr.(May 31, 2002) reports on two recent European studies that claim that light to moderate alcohol consumption may reduce the chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and dementia among older people. report their findings in the January 26, 2002 issue of . Based on a study of 5,400 people in Rotterdam, the researchers believe that high cholesterol and blood clots contribute to dementia and that alcohol consumption reduces these vascular factors. claim in the December issue of that moderate wine consumption (less than half a litre per day for women and less than one litre per day for men) could lead to a lower risk of the onset of dementia. , August/September 2001) reports that consumption of at least 1.8mg of Boron per day reduces the incidence of colon cancer in men to less than one-third of the incidence of men ingesting under 0.9mg per day. The good news is that a glass of wine contains about 0.5mg of Boron, so four a day should provide the sort of results shown in the study.Boron is one of the ingredients of cleaning compounds like Twenty Mule Team Borax (does anyone remember Death Valley days? Three caveats: Here is a consensus statement from the Alcohol and Wine in Health and Disease conference of the New York Academy of Science (April 2001): “If you drink, do so in moderation. Moderate alcohol consumption may be advisable.” There has been a lot of research that shows the health benefits of moderate wine consumption. 7, 10 April 2000) reports that men over 40 who are light to moderate drinkers are about half as likely as to develop adult-onset (Type II) diabetes as those who rarely or never drink.So the latest scientific evidence is that wine in moderation is likely to be good for you. Wine drunk in moderation significantly reduces the risk of fatal illness, including cancer and heart disease, according to a new French medical report.The survey, which tracked 34,000 men from eastern France between 19, showed that those who drank two or three glasses of wine a day has a 30% lower mortality rate than those who were either abstemious or heavy drinkers. Serge Renaud, who carried out the study that was published in the journal in February 1998, said cases of cancer among moderate wine drinkers dropped 20% compared with other groups, while incidents of heart attacks and brain hemorrhages dropped by 20% to 30%.

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Red wine contains quercetin, which becomes active in the body when grape juice ferments or food is digested.

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