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Sometimes I wanted to keep reading, and at other times, suddenly, I didn't feel like picking up the book again.A few scenes were rather confusing, and I had to go back and read a second time to make sure I hadn't missed something, and understand properly what was going on.Some events were shown from different points of view, but I'm not always sure the choice of scenes was the best (fight scenes, for instance).After a while, it felt as if part of the cast of characters was given more prominence over the others.I'm also not convinced with the potential political intrigue back in Eldan City: this is the kind of thing that would deserve a plot in and of itself, so either there was too much or too little of it here.Although it provides an interesting backdrop for later novels, it still felt a little artificial (perhaps because the group had to hide because of it, which paved the way for the death of one specific character, which fell into the cliché category for me).

However, at times, I found the narrative lacking in showing this very dynamics.

It lends a great sense of scale to a story, knowing that serious events of world import are happening.

As I mentioned in my intro above the fold, it really hearkens back to The Lord of the Rings or Dragonlance’s The Chronicles.

There’s been a big resurgence these days of the sword and sorcery subgenre in Fantasy.

A lot of hack and slash amidst very personal settings and plots, where the characters are just handling their own issues, and the fate of the world isn’t really hanging in any balance.

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His brother Cole has spent his believing in nothing bigger than his own two hands.

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