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Also, even light kissing carries a slight risk for catching Herpes and Scabies if kissing someone who has open sores or cuts immediately around their mouth.

Before anyone completely panics about kissing ANYONE, as long as you don't kiss someone who is known to be sick (like the flu, or who has mono, etc.), and don't kiss someone with ugly, dripping, oozing, puss-filled sores right around their lips then light kissing is actually considered to be a safe behavior.

Unfortunately it wasn't because her confinement didn't relax for a second even in the best scenes of the whole darned film.You don't need to be an expert on kissing to share a great kiss.If you're not sure what to do, just let your partner take over and go with the flow.A kiss without any tongue at all is perfectly fine. The best spots to place your hands are around your partner's neck or waist, on the back of your partner's head, or if you want to be extra-romantic, against your partner's cheeks. Don't leave your lips or your tongue in the same spot for more than a couple of seconds.But if you want to take it to the next level, open your mouth a little wider, gently touch your tongue against theirs, and let the tips of your tongues "play around" together. Some people make the mistake of trying to stick their whole tongue down someone's throat. Using your hands while you kiss helps make the kiss more romantic. The initial excitement of a first kiss is thrilling, but things can get boring awfully quickly if you don't vary your style a little.

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The trick to dramatically lowering your risks is to really know your partner well, to know their sexual history, and to know their current health status (the couple who gets tested together doesn't get a disease together.... Positive Consequences: Do we REALLY need to list the positive benefits of kissing??

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