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Research shows that having a partner or “exercise buddy” can be highly effective at ensuring we will actually work out, not just talk about it.

well-known social psychologist, who has written a great deal about “social influence” and decision-making.

These coaches are hand-picked because they are well-connected within the organization and have a wide reach.

Coaches have some managerial responsibilities, and they regularly move employees around to different teams to expose them to different parts of the business and to keep things interesting.

This and other peer pressure topics were on my mind when I was buried in research for “A significant predictor of whether people are going to stay on an exercise program is if they have a friend (either an individual or group) who works out with them.

Employees are encouraged to touch base with their talking partners daily, ideally in the morning, to chat informally about what’s on their minds and blow off steam if necessary.A talking partner is a co-mentor, helping to keep employees honest with themselves and to help them see things from multiple perspectives Another company I visited has adopted a hybrid of the talking partner and mentor model.They use a large number of coaches sourced from within the company who guide the career paths of every employee in the organization, giving them regular positive as well as constructive feedback to ensure employee success.The new GT350 if a high compression car, so running boost through it would require quite significant changes.Another topic worthy of discussion is weight savings.

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It turns out this peer pressure thing, when you turn up the “accountability” knob, is a motivator for a lot more than losing a few pounds.

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