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Shroud of turin dating padua

Furthermore, pollen and dust found on the Shroud are native to where, according to the Bible, Jesus lived and walked.Human male blood found on the Shroud is a rare type AB.Unlike his blood, the man’s crucified image does not penetrate the cloth but rests .His image could be scraped away with a razor blade.Blood stains that formed a circle around the top of his head are consistent with the crown of thorns.

Blood stains can be seen near a large wound that would have been consistent with injury from a spear in his side.

Such consistency is a feat impossible to achieve with human hands.

Then there is the latest technology that enabled the discovery that the Shroud contains “distance information,” derived from techniques first developed by NASA.

However, millions of Christians firmly believe that material scientific proof of the Christ’s resurrection actually exists today, and that evidence is called the Shroud of Turin.

The Shroud, alleged to be the burial cloth of Jesus, is the most studied, tested, and analyzed religious relic the world has ever known.

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Also remarkable and biblically compatible is that the man in the Shroud did not have any broken bones.

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