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you never have to use the Google service to go to youtube ( only shit is they upload videos/replies/comments directly on your page ) so you have to register to google and youtube and yet you dont need to use the service that is google to go to youtube or vice versa. you dont need to use it to join this site nor do you need to join this site to go into imvu also i dont get the complaint about ads either?even tough i block them that doesnt mean i dont like them.FA started with a dream and a roll of duct tape, but grew and thrived thanks to the support of our community.We became one of the top 5,000 sites globally, 1,500 sites within the United States.It was a fair exchange to buy ad space on here because it let people be promoted for a fair price, and they got the clicks they paid for, period. People don't know what to do: support their fellow artists, or get an ad blocker. Second, in regards to users' personal information being sold/shared: Your argument for this is absolutely mind-boggling to me, but that is probably because you genuinely don't understand.I have gotten to the point where I am fed up, and just buckled and switch Ad Block Plus ON when using this site. This is an ultimately ineffective bandaid that does no real healing where it matters the most, y'see? It is a very serious matter, and this is common knowledge. Third & lastly, responding to "why complain before something happens": People are asking questions and voicing their concerns after being asked to.

imvu doesnt take part in the future development of FA also why complain about something that is optional.. look i know people are gonna be mad for me mentioning it, but just like google and youtube, i never use google but do use youtube ( to watch adult marked content).You can check the forums for the official question/answers (link).We'll be compiling a Q/A to help address concerns and response to questions!Our partnership was the natural and reasonable conclusion to bring these similar and often already connected communities together officially.Going forward, FA will continue to operate independently but with IMVU’s support and resources to upgrade our services.

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We can now work on improving our infrastructure, adding more storage, making performance improvements and improved coding support to reach our full potential.

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