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Seal is dating the pink power ranger

Unable to communicate with the teenagers when he first encounters them, Zordon initially connects with a TV in Trini’s house, borrowing the face of a presenter from a nature programme to act as his interface.

Aside from Rita Repulsa, classics like Scorpina, Goldar, and even Squatt and Baboo show up, as do the Putties, who are literally flexible masses of clay-like alien goop who can form extra limbs and mould around attacks when needed.Alpha is still very weird compared to his usual self, but perhaps not as alien as he is in the actual upcoming movie.At first, he’s just his UFO-shaped head, but with robotic, spidery legs.Henchmonsters Squatt, Baboo, and Goldar are kept the closest to their original counterparts (unlike the current movie, Goldar is still been a blue, furry monkey thing in a lavish suit of golden armour).Rita and Scorpina, however, are no longer humanoid but distinctly alien.

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Here’s how Landis describes his appearance: He’s not human; he’s nothing CLOSE to human; the passive glance would lead a person to comparisons with E.

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