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References to animal sacrifice appear in the New Testament, such as the parents of Jesus sacrificing two doves (Luke ) and the Apostle Paul performing a Nazirite vow even after the death of Christ (Acts -26).Christ is referred to by his apostles as "the Lamb of God", the one to whom all sacrifices pointed (Hebrews 10).Sacrifice of a lamb, or less commonly a rooster, is a common practice in Armenian Church and Tewahedo Church.

Rather, he focused on sacrifice as an element of religious celebrations, Animal sacrifices are no longer practiced by the Strangite organization, though belief in their correctness is still required.

The most common usages are animal sacrifice (zevah זֶבַח), zevah shelamim (the peace offering) and olah (the "holocaust" or burnt offering).

A qorban was an animal sacrifice, such as a bull, sheep, goat, deer or a dove that underwent shechita (Jewish ritual slaughter).

At the Monte d'Accoddi in Sardinia, one of the earliest known sacred centers in Europe, evidence of the sacrifice of sheep, cattle and swine has been uncovered by excavations, and it is indicated that ritual sacrifice may have been common across Italy around 3000 BC and afterwards.

In Judaism, the qorban is any of a variety of sacrificial offerings described and commanded in the Torah.

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In a theory presented in Homo Necans, mythologist Walter Burkert suggests that the ritual sacrifice of livestock may have developed as a continuation of ancient hunting rituals, as livestock replaced wild game in the food supply.

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