Samsung galaxy s2 email widget not updating

Samsung galaxy s2 email widget not updating

There may well be reasons that you want to stick with the stock app but have you tried something like Chomp sms that's heaps more configurable and won't make you jump through any hoops? I use a Telstra sim card which come out my Telstra Samsung S4 and it works fine, The firmware is signed as been from UAE. I suspect one of the problems is going to be the last phone that Samsung updates to Lolipop in order of priorities.AFAIK The 900F is the Samsung international not very technical but are you saying that future updats might stuff up the phone? Its a good phone, would just be nice to make it a little nicer on the eyes. I read once it's because Samsung won't release the camera drivers to be honest dual sim isnt a prioity but if its goingto cause warrnty or update issues, ill definitely stick to the single one Dear whirlpool users, I'm currently in Japan and have noticed the prices for the Samsung S5 is extremely cheaper than in Australia and in Hong Kong by far. Phone is using stock samsung software (android 4.4.2). Nothing worse than a camera the refuses to work when it feels like it, requiring a reboot.I'm hoping there are settings somewhere that I have to play with, I've read through the manual whilst travelling, but it's not very detailed, ie merely states how each function works, but not the finer settings. Just wondering how to disable cellular data on specific apps. Got it out quickly, shook it 15mins to home & put a hair dryer onto it.Ive just come from iphone and in the settings i could turn data off on say facebook so it works only on wifi. Over next couple of days I got a blank screen twice, then came good. AND I had already removed the cover for the charging socket.I posted a while ago asking for advice on sg5 versus HTC and I'm now waiting for my galaxy s5. I guess I am after something similar to the old radio app but net based.

:/ ) Also see if you can use someone else's SIM to ensure it's the phone or SIM.

S5 has two built-in wifi antennas while Note 3 (I believe) only has one so guessing this would be part of the reason. Warranty: if the phone is bought in Australia it is the responsibility of the seller (in my case Kogan).

Also things like type, size and location of antenna would contribute to overall value Fair comment, though I've been using them for a very long time and haven't been "backdoored" yet. The ones with microphone and single button for answering/pausing, FF/ skip etc. Just like if you buy it from Telstra you would take it back to Telstra.

- Some suggestions on where to purchase an S5 within Australia outright. question, a friend has told me about a dual sim s5, and its cheaper outright a little then the non model, why would this be, assuming its the same phone?

ive never used a 2nd sim, but maybe for data, or a dummy account for gumtree etc, it wouldnt be a bad idea, the last time I heard about dual sim cards was when you had to swithc them off each time you swithced over, is this still the case? I have a 900FD (Dual Sim) bought from Kogan and have no issues with it.

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Are there also different external storage limitations?

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