Rubber band theory dating

Rubber band theory dating

this kind of reasoning appeals to the inexperienced or simple-minded because it purports to offer a short cut past the process of getting to know someone by interacting with them, which is so pesky and time-consuming and, well, WORK. with self-knowledge, you wouldn't need to ask whether such an expectation is reasonable.That's the guy who blew you off to get drunk with his friends.I personally believe in only making decisions when necessary, and when I have full information to make them.OP, if this is the same guy (and the timeline is right for that to be probable) that went out with his friends and got drunk then stood you up AND the same guy that you gave a hand job to and then didn't hear from him for awhile, why in the world are you stressing about his lack of contact (though he did text and try to call) at this point?he was pursuing initially and has been in regular contact but the last 3 days has gone quiet aside from a call i missed from him and when i returned it (unanswered) i got a text saying he would call me the next day. i'm sure i will but my question is, what should my position on this be? it's a bit rude of him and indication he's not that interested if has nearly dropped off the radar all of a sudden and therefore give him a wide berth/take with a pinch of salt or....2.

* You don't know why he isn't communicating as much as you want him to, and nor does anyone other than him know.

look forward to your thoughts guys and if either of the above would apply to you in a similar situation and what you corresponding thoughts vs behaviour would be toward the girl and whyi should add: he did not want me to leave the other day but i had things to do and wanted to say goodbye on a high note.

he did text that night to check in but other than that things have been relatively brief/quiet and have not had a call as he suggested he would.

I would personally not phone again after that and if more than a day passed without him returning the missed call, I would consider him no longer interested and I would move on.

If he did call again several days (or longer) later, I would base my behaviour on his behaviour.

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If the banter is as per usual, then just proceed how you would want to, ie suggest getting together again soon.

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