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Usually the limestones composing this cliff show many traces of coral structure.

Whatever its structure, this terrace is always thickly covered with forest. Above the first inland terrace, which, as just mentioned, varies greatly in width, we meet with a second inland cliff, or rather steep rock- covered slope, for an actual cliff is only found iu a few places, as, for instance, west of the southern end of Flying Fish Cove.

On the northern and eastern sides the edge fonns, in most places, a raised rim, bounded externally by a low cliff, below which comes the 12 Chrintmas Inland. In other places it passes into the inland cliif by a more gentle slope.

S 206 On the Foraminifera of the Orbitoidal Limestones and Reef Rocks of Christmas Island, by Prof. It is occasionally pai'tly covered with pinnacles and blocks of limestone, but usually is clothed with soil, which supports a luxuriant forest of great trees 150-200 feet high; in some places there is thick undergrowth of Pandanus, Randia, ferns, etc., but as a rule the forest is fairly open.

280 Mouth of Sidney's Dale, west coast 284 Dyke of basalt, floor of Sidney's Dale, west coast .... The island is a good height, with steep cliffs against the south and south-west, and a sandy bay on the north side, but with very deep water steep to the shore." The date of Dampier's visit was March, 1688.

224 Forest on central plateau 270 Sections showing the structure of the cliff at Flying Fish Cove 272 Bed of basalt resting on older Tertiaiy limestone, south side of Flying Fish Cove 274 Mass of Porites in sea cliff, south of Flying Fish Cove . 274 Sections of cliff in Flying Fish Cove 276 Geological map of the neighbourhood of Flying Fish Cove . "They also got a sort of land animal, somewhat resembling a large crawfish without its great claws.

AVhere the single cliff face is replaced by a number of secondary cliffs and terraces, these also indicate that the surface of the sea has stood at successively lower levels with regard to the land, each cliff and terrace apparently marking such a change of level In places these smaller cliffs and terraces are interrupted by gentler slopes, and one or more may disappear.

For instance, on the north coast, at about 20 feet above the shore plat- form, the cliff is cut back into a shelf, above which it overhangs considerably, and from 150 to 200 feet higher up there are less distinct traces of a similar striicture, the line of wave action being there marked by small caves.

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Natural size 23 Antebrachium and cai-pus of Mus macleari and Mus nativitatis. columnata ; part of transverse section, x IJ 217 Prmiastrcea magnijica ; part of transverse section, x 2 . The crews of this and other passing vessels reported the occurrence of wild pigs, coconut-palms, and lime-trees, none of which really existed. " Redpole " called at the island for a few hours, and Mr. j STevertheless, the rock specimens brought back by the "Egeria" showed that the island probably consisted mainly of coral and foraminiferal limestones, resting on a basis of volcanic rocks ; and a very interesting paper, in which the results of the expedition were summarized, and the probable structure of the island discussed, was published by Rear-Admiral Sir W. It seemed desirable, however, that a more complete examination of the island should be undertaken, and, if possible, collections should be made at different seasons of the year, and in 1896 Sir John Murray generously oifered to pay the expenses of such an expedition. Lister has given a very good description of this species, and has pointed out its simihirity to A. It tliffers fi'om the latter species, however, in its much darker slaty-grey head, slaty-grey bars on the chest, and in the lighter underwing- and tail- coverts, which are barred with white and vinous rufous, and are not so uniform vinous as in ^. [The Goshawk is common all over the island, and is very destructive to young poultry in Hying Fish Cove.

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