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His fingers suddenly gripped each side of her blouse, he tugged hard ripping downwards buttons flew everywhere Ambers tits flew forward bouncing on release, tits fully exposed nipples enlarged she heard appreciative murmurs from her eager audience.Ray leant into her whispering in her ear, are you going to be a good slut for us Amber?Her smooth, shaven pussy is finally exposed, giving the men a tempting glimpse of the glistening swollen wetness between her legs, he pulls her arse cheeks apart, darting his tongue into her holes, licking slowly, slipping it inside her, teasing tasting.exciting her body.

As the men pull back panting with exhaustion and excitement they watch as she begins to rub the spunk all over tits and rock hard nipples feeding more into her mouth, showing the men her mouth full of cum before swallowing all she had taken between her lips.With two fingers stuffed up her arse and the fist pistoning into her stretching her wide, her breath quickens she orgasm massively cumming all over the mans hand and wrist meowing with pleasure.Both men are rubbing there rock hard cocks against her body and she wants them, fuck me she screams her lust overtaking her, her needs growing.She takes a mans cock in each hand, fondling and rubbing them firmly drawing moans of desire. Amber wants them to cum on her never before had she felt this need, she sucks and wanks the men until she can hear there guttural groans signs of lust alongside the filthy things there calling her dirty whore, filthy fuck slut, cum bucket she knows they are close spunk on me she squeals yessss cum for me shoot it all over me Amber seductively parted her lip.The four men stroke themselves furiously, they start to climax in quick succession.

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Two of them moved forward, taking the oil they began to pour it all over Ambers body, using there rough male finger they pinched tugged and stretched her nipples roughly as they caressed her, lathering her body in oil smacking her arse cheeks when they glowed red their fingers caressed them lovingly , before long those same fingers found both her love holes, she loves there fat fingers opening her body for all to see.

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