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(In particularly bad cases of Misaimed Fandom where the fans were already using every scrap of evidence and threadbare argument to argue that the bad guys weren't that bad, you may risk the character's fans declaring this to be a Fanon Discontinuity, and possibly even splitting the fanbase). In these cases, to make it work, you might have to do a purposeful Flanderization to your character and make them all about their bias. It doesn't always work as well with the Magnificent Bastard Evil Overlord types, particularly if introduced late into their run as an antagonist. Because honestly, if the fandom hasn't turned against the Overlord after the character in question may have murdered thousands or even millions, enslaved people in The Empire wholesale, and so on and so forth, is having the character be a little sexist or racist going to automatically turn people against them? Compare Evil Is Petty, He-Man Woman Hater and Does Not Like Men; Contrast Equal-Opportunity Evil and Politically Correct Villain. Note however that they are not mutually exclusive; a villain can be progressive towards some groups but intolerant towards others. May lead to Felony Misdemeanor if this character type is thought to be more evil than outwardly flamboyant villains. Also, people might sometimes see this trope where it doesn't exist.

But if anyone is going to have mixed feelings about a cultural icon, wouldn't it be a member of the family??? ' she wrote, reports The Hollywood Reporter.'And if you are going to have mixed feelings about a family member (and we all do) take it from me, you really need to be as honest as possible about those feelings, or else you are going to lead yourself into many a blind alley in life!! In one, Mickey Mouse wears black-face, and in 'Fantasia' Sunflower, a half-donkey, half-black centaurette carries around a watermelon.Simple, all you have to do is have them Kick the Dog, right? Have them kick whatever minority race/species or gender/sexuality or lower class scum is around instead to show that they're a bad guy. Pierce: Nobody knows how to take a compliment anymore!Bonus points if either the heroes or some highly sympathetic character is a member of said minority. Any and all instances of Those Wacky Nazis qualify automatically, and A Nazi by Any Other Name often does. Fur and Loathing, a trope involving villains who are politically incorrect in a different sort of way, runs on a similar logic if it's done intentionally.

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This is not when a villain is a minority who is portrayed in a politically incorrect manner.

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