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Psychological benefits of online dating

A range of other organisations have contacted the APS requesting information about the research project, including the Department of Justice (Vic) and the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

An online survey was developed and targeted both users and nonusers of online social networking sites.

However, negatives are evident (Cross et al., 2009), with much media attention focused on the ‘dangers’ of online social networking such as bullying and inappropriate use of personal information.

The 2010 National Psychology Week (NPW) research project sought to explore the social and psychological impact of online social networking in Australian adults with a focus on: This article presents the findings of the research project, which generated a large amount of attention during this year’s National Psychology Week.

However, a large number of adults aged 31 to 50 years (81%) and 64 per cent of adults over 50 also reported using these sites.Fourteen per cent of survey respondents were male (n = 256) and 73 per cent were female (n = 1,344).Thirteen per cent of respondents did not disclose their gender.Both positive and negative outcomes have been reported from involvement in online social networking, although recent studies indicate that internet communications may supplement traditional social behaviour rather than increase or decrease it.Increasingly, studies are indicating that social networking has a positive impact on social connectedness and wellbeing (Valkenburg & Peter, 2009; Ofcom, 2008).

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A set of tips to promote positive online social networking were developed to accompany the media release about the NPW survey findings.

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