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Curious, intrigued, hungry, but mostly dumb, you decide to take the bait and follow him to his slaughterhou- I mean, mansion~.

Along the way he introduces himself as Darjeeling, the demon..this point, you should have been long gone, but ya gurl is feelin' funky so she's not thinking straight.

Instead of it just being you doing Rutsu in the ass you guys actually switch off and he does you in the ass and the end and it's great.

It's way different from the other installments in the series since this is the first time you can give and receive pleasure from the characters.

Verbal humiliation and general abuse are a constant element in this game.

Sadistic Alice has done well to create a game and universe where women rule and always win.

Kei has a very nice and calm voice for a butche- I mean, temporary boy...friend?? And he does dote and spoil you before you're fully....the sound effects..classical music..all very nice and fitting..

I was on the prowl for something sweet and bubbly and this came up during my stroll across the site.

Even though you're technically the party leader, you really aren't and are just following behind them. I must have bought this at 2 in the morning and was half-asleep because I went back and read the description and now I'm kinda...nervously laugh-crying? I did NOT pay attention to the description at all when I bought this. If you're not in the mood to be disturbed..turn back now. It starts out innocently enough, you're just minding your own business when a young man approaches you on the street and notices you eating something delicious.The biggest differences, and why I think this game comes out on top as the best of its genre, is because the femdom is much more "hardcore." You play a male character, a typical "hero" shota, who basically finds himself surrounded by women who have given up hope on their men to protect them from the evil "monster king" and who have been corrupted into female supremacists.The developers were really committed to this idea, as it seems every female NPC you can interact with has a low opinion of males and there are scenes your character and companions can witness of males being dominated which was a good touch.If you're in the mood to be spoiled, I think a KI makes a wonderful hostess.A game which enhances on the previous titles in the circle's Magical Girl series.

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The description basically gives you the basic spoils of the set and if you're just feeling in the mood for something soft, I would say this is pretty nice to listen to.

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