Person intimidating with gun

I particularly like the excellent videos you do every year at the annual SHOT show. Of course I would be remiss, if I didn't mention the great banjo music from Boge Quinn. Michael R Fallon - Pflugerville, Texas January 24, 2017 I really appreciate the casual yet professional quality of your reviews.

I particularly like the straightforward writing style and lack of "Bro" style language or hype.

A BFG, possibly after Sucking-In Lines, may cause people to be Blown Across the Room from the mere recoil of firing it.

See also: Beam Spam, Splash Damage, Macross Missile Massacre, Sphere of Destruction, Wave Motion Gun, Lightning Gun, Freeze Ray, Death Ray, Disintegrator Ray, Frickin' Laser Beams and Recursive Ammo.

If its grips are placed along the top of the barrel and at the back of the weapon, you have a Chainsaw Grip BFG.

I would like to know if there is a magazine loader for the Kel Tec PMR 30 pistol I have on order.

First problem was a sticky trigger it is appears the gun has never been cleaned or lubricated, after I did clean and lightly lube it with 3n1 oil it runs great.

I experienced no problems at all after about 500 rounds. Thanks Keith Riemer February 25, 2017 Jeff, Just viewed your first "Tales From The Gun Vault" youtube video `starring' your 1895 Winchester saddle ring carbine in .30-40 Krag (.30 army).

The dark blue ribbon on the far right with the "E" is what you get when you make expert with the Navy issued Colt 45 (which I did in Navy OCS long ago.) But I don't boast about it in front of the young dudes.The Big Guy is likely to wield one of these as his Weapon of Choice.A BFG chiefly differs from a Hand Cannon in that the Hand Cannon is large .I don't tell the young dudes I've probably launched more lead out of a barrel of a weapon by the time I was 21, than they probably will in an entire lifetime.I'd like to tell them though a story that our weapons instructors told us in basic training about the M-16.

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The BFG is a visual metaphor for power, and therefore has a lot of uses as a trope.

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