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If a customer is not letting up on their flirting but has not crossed (the boundary you as a business must set) to be banned, transferring them to a manager may be the next best step. Some other suggestions online have said removing images or using pseudonyms.

When a customer is doing this type of behavior, do not take the bait and instead try to keep them on topic best as you can. Personally, I disagree with the removal of agent profile images because not only does it take away a level or personal assistance from actual customers, but it more or less blames your employees for being what they are.

It’s powered by Skype, which is probably an excellent thing.

You have probably already decided whether you trust Skype and its technology, so you’re not sailing entirely into the unknown on that score.

Voices can be hard to recognise reliably on poor-quality links, and video may be unrecognisable. They’re calling from the hacked account of a friend – unusual, of course, but this is an emergency!

You probably know the deal: a friend contacts you from an overseas trip. – to advise all the friends of that friend that they, too, may be compromised.

If a customer has gone beyond general inappropriate behavior and has started doing what could be deemed as workplace harassment, it may be best to ban them. This tactic allows you to continue trying to assist the customer without giving in to their inappropriate behavior and hopefully creates a resolution for both parties.

Tagove’s technology allows agents to quickly ban IP addresses of customers who just want to waste time or use the chat software to harass the customer service agents. If they are solely harassing female agents then call should automatically transfer them to a male agent? Some customers may decide to personally look at your agent’s names and images and choose the gender of their preference to talk to.

One of the first steps you can take as a business however, is to think about this situation and create a plan for if it does happen.In the meantime, don’t let your guard down just because you’re video calling directly from Facebook, where you’re used to having fun. And watch out for calls from hijacked accounts, or from borderline “friends”, just as you ought to do via any other messaging service, including email. Scammers must be licking their lips at a low-cost way of getting in your face. Here at Tagove we strive for excellent customer service which is why we have dedicated ourselves to building the ultimate customer care software.Within the software, an agent has right to ban an inappropriate customer.

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Be sure to ask important questions such as: These are all crucial points to consider, and as a business, you should never dismiss your agents if they feel uncomfortable with a customer.

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