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Online dating guide unlocking the chick code

No matter what her theories were, she was always told that she didn't see the big picture and needed more experience.

There was little respect for new people, new ideas and women in general on field expeditions. She found herself the only female in remote locations with lots of leering men far from home and wives. She knew all her faults: could stand to lose a few pounds; was barely B cup; flat ass; narrow hips; had a bad nose and even worse vision. Instead, she was forced to wear extra thick dorky glasses for her astigmatism and was very self conscious about them.

She may have ruined her career chances and would probably be considered some kind of pervert by some of her colleagues.

The other problem with the Nuymeans was the science itself.

Sue will definitely be continuing her investigations in upcoming chapters, but had a few distractions in this chapter.

Update (2012/02/11): Looks like I definitely bit off quite a lot of plot. I think if I cut back on the storyline, I'll wreck things so sorry to those with feedback about length.

It was a job regardless, and she got to keep her apartment.

The big machine would turn its wheels if you pushed the right buttons.

None of the plot elements or fundamental details have been changed. Update (2013/05/22): A new chapter with some significant revelations in the storyline at the beginning, but it's a cliff hanger so you've been warned. phalli (in case you were wondering), both are proper.

Update (2012/11/02): A new chapter with some side tracks of discussion Update (2012/12/22): The next chapter while the endless hunt for typos is still achieving results. Hopefully I will be a little faster with the next update. I chose phalluses for the same reason I don't say "datum" anymore for a single data point.

The glass ceiling could even be found in remote locations.

A whole culture of entitlement and "putting your dues in" existed.

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The artifacts ended up in several museums, but most of them went to the gigantic National Museum and were promptly filed away and largely forgotten despite the efforts of one extraordinary woman. Maggie Barnes studied them for most of her life and arranged the current collection, but little else was ever found. Barnes death, little funding or interest was devoted to them in academia.

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