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In 2014, Time included Mc Master on its list of "The 100 Most Influential People." In a brief essay written for the magazine by Dave Barno, a retired lieutenant general, Mc Master was called "the architect of the future U.

The Georgia intelligence contractor accused of leaking Top Secret documents from the NSA was a Bernie Sanders supporter who hated Donald Trump.

In one of her vacation snaps, Winner - who appears to be very close with her family including sister Britty - revealed she had recently lost her step father Gary Winner who she considered her dad.'There is nothing that can fix the hole in my heart that you left behind,' she wrote.'I still don't know who I am without you here or how to keep moving forward without the one person who believed unconditionally in everything I want to do in life.'Old habits die hard, I still find myself making time to call you in the evenings or jotting down notes or stories to tell you next time we speak.

It's like I have a little piece of you here with me. Air Force and can speak middle eastern languages Farsi, Dari and Pashto - which are mostly spoken in Iran and Afghanistan.

Mc Master was also the co-captain of the football team and played on the baseball team.

He participated in intramural soccer, basketball, wrestling, and swimming.

But the NSA were quickly able to link the leak back to Winner after The Intercept presented them with stolen documents for verification.

NSA officers were able to determine, by analyzing creases in the pages and a secret series of 'tracking dots' on the paper, that they had been printed at the NSA's Augusta, Georgia offices.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff, knowing Johnson and Mc Namara wanted uncritical support rather than honest advice, and eager to protect their careers, went along with official lies and a split-the-difference strategy of gradual escalation that none of them thought could work. Mc Master's distinguished career in the defense of our nation," said Col. Church Jr., president of Valley Forge Military Academy and College.

In Tom Clancy's 1994 book , the famed author interviewed Mc Master about his life and career.

Mc Master, born July 24, 1962, in Philadelphia, told Clancy that his father was an infantryman during the Korean War, and his mother was a schoolteacher and administrator.

She then posted the intel to online news site The Intercept who published the findings last month.

The leaked documents seemed to show Russia carried out cyber attacks on companies which produce software used during elections.

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