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In private homes that I visited, personal shrines to Buddha included spirit houses for “nat”, or spirit beings.

Tree spirit shrines can be seen on venerated Banyan trees, which symbolise Buddha’s enlightenment.

Myanmar people of all ages can spend an unspecified time as a monk or nun.

In the early mornings, members of the Sangha walk in the streets with their bowl (formerly known as a begging bowl, but now as an offering bowl) wearing their robes. Restaurant owners, or any lay people come out onto the streets with pots of rice - or if the Sanga is lucky maybe some curry - which they ladle into the bowls.

Fascinatingly, although hundreds are now in ruins - with vegetation valiantly growing on the walls or through floors - countless are still places of active worship and the center of community life.This is a symbol of Buddha’s voice, calling for the protection of deities and sustaining the order of things in the universe.Children love to sound the bells and gongs and vie to see who can make the loudest sound.Aspects of the life of Buddha are shown in various ways using sculpture, bass relief or paintings.Some temples sell gold leaf, which is pressed onto certain statues, as an act of worship.

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Giving food to the monks and nuns is done willingly as an offering, as unto Buddha and is considered a righteous act that creates positive karma.

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