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We will use this to build a URL that we can use to send data into our existing bucket and dashboard.

In my bucket, the text that I copied looks like:

Using a DHT22 sensor (setup instructions here and script here), we can record and visualize both temperatures simultaneously: The result reveals that the Sense HAT's reading is off by 5-6 degrees Fahrenheit pretty consistently.

Adding the CPU temperature into the mix (with this script), first off shows that it is extremely hot, and second off reveals a sort of wave that the Sense HAT measurement mimics.

You can learn more about the interactive map view in tiles at

Applying the equation why is it not recognizing the first command? You can even just run the script from your laptop if you don't have a pi.

[email protected]:~ $ git clone: State/wunderground-sens...git: 'clone:' is not a git command. Although, you can connect nearly everything to an Initial State Dashboard.

Specify the name of the location that your Sense HAT will be collecting environmental data in the SENSOR_LOCATION_NAME variable.

Run the script on your Pi:$ sudo python sensehat_If you are ssh'ing into your Pi and want this script to run uninterrupted for a long time, run the script using the nohup (no hang-up) command: $ nohup sudo python sensehat_& After a couple of days, it is interesting to compare the temperature changes in your room versus the temperature changes outside. If you want to add more sensors to the same dashboard, simply send the data to the same BUCKET_KEY specified in the User Settings (along with the same ACCESS_KEY).

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Copy your coordinates (you will need them in step 2), and make sure you don't accidentally copy any extra characters from the URL.

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