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Nightlife caracas dating

In terms of looks Venezuelan girls are a smorgasbord of Native American influences, mashed together with a little bit of something from Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Africa.

It's tough to nail down exactly what they look like because a girl with Spanish and German heritage is going to look completely different to a girl with Native American and African influences. Their attractiveness is in their physicality as much as their aesthetic appeal, which means that most of the women here have bodies to match their looks.

Well, the first is that once you're the boyfriend of a Venezuelan girl her possessiveness gene switches on.

And by switches on we mean low-level nuclear detonation.

Venezuelan women love to laugh, and their sense of humor extends to teasing guys.

Just don't read into the teasing because they genuinely don't mean any harm.

But there's more to it than that because Venezuela now has more in common with the Soviet Union circa 1994, than it does with most of the rest of South America today.

They love living their lives, they spend time on their appearance, they actually give a crap what you think about their looks, and they stay in shape because if they don't they know they haven't got any hope of attracting a guy to settle down with.

It's a shame because they wind up looking like a melted candle in the end, in the same way that all Hollywood celebrities do.

Are there any downsides to dating women in Venezuela?

Visitors and locals alike can enjoy 3,000km of coastline thanks to Venezuela being nestled between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean.

It's a lush, tropical country with abundant oil and gold reserves, and some of the most amazing scenery in the world, with Angel Falls being a perfect example of the sights you can expect to see here.

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