Naughty girl chat bots

Naughty girl chat bots

Of course, while most of these chatbots interact with consumers, some chatbots interact on behalf of consumers.For instance, Trim created a bot that will chat with Comcast for you to negotiate your bill or ask for a one-time credit.Brands outside of the financial technology (fintech for short) space are also making consumers more comfortable using chatbots.“There’s a big push that was done with Amazon with Alexa and Google with Google Now,” Oren says.Not too long ago, online banking and live chat with a bank or credit card representative felt cutting-edge.Now, financial institutions are upping the ante by launching chatbots to interact with customers.A pilot test of Mastercard KAI is now live with 200 employees, and expanded to 1,000 employees in December 2016. What it will do: Users will be able to ask about account balances, review purchase history, learn about cardholder benefits, get help with financial literacy questions and more.

For one, as the technology has advanced, “we can scale computing power faster, driving ability to have AI relatively cheaply in comparison to what it was five years ago,” Oren says.

Penny alerts users about fees charged by their bank or increases to subscription costs, reminds them about payment due dates and more.

Mastercard also plans to release a bot for merchants that will let consumers make purchases via chat without opening their wallets.

Erica will communicate with online banking customers via voice or text.

But it will be more than a chatbot, says Bank of America spokeswoman Anne Pace.

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“We’re looking to make commerce more conversational,” says Kiki Del Valle, senior vice president of commerce for every device at Mastercard.

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