Mechanics of speed dating

So forget what you see on the silver screen and choose to make sex a long, seductive journey rather than a sprint to the finish.2. When you are discovering how to have sex, you may be fixated on intercourse as the ultimate sex act. But here is the truth: Over 70 percent of women don't have orgasms through intercourse alone.

So if you want to learn how to have sex that is orgasmic for everyone involved, you need to expand your definition of sex."Having sex" can be defined in many ways, but we like to think of it as any activity that creates intense arousal.

Proudly claim your ability to pleasure yourself and learn how to have sex with yourself.6. If you want to learn how to have sex that is more orgasmic for everyone involved, focus on giving the woman an orgasm every time before intercourse begins.Seeing lots of people naked reminds you that you are just like everyone else: glorious and imperfect, flawed but beautiful.If group nudity feels out of bounds, try just spending more time naked while you are alone.In some positions, like doggy style, a woman's lover can reach around and stimulate her clitoris while penetrating. The first moments of penetration can be incredibly intimate and arousing. Learn how to have sex with patience, focus, and precision and you'll be an extraordinary lover. You can even ask for permission, which can be way sexier than it sounds.In other positions, it may be easier for her to stimulate her own clitoris. Imagine hovering just outside your lover's body, looking them right in the eye and asking, Penetrate slowly, one inch at a time.

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When you shift your expectations, you quickly realize that foreplay is by far the most pleasurable part of sex.

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