Mcafee 8 5i 100 cpu when updating Sexdate nl

Firefox memory and CPU usage steadily keeps growing throughout the day until I need to restart the browser to be able to do anything useful with it.The solution is not Safe Mode or to disable add-ons, I have tried all of this countless times.The code stinks, but that would almost be acceptable if Mozilla would tell us what they are doing to address it (as far as we can tell, nothing), or where they think the problems may lay.

Firefox (latest version, 43.0.4) is causing my HDD to run between 98% and 100% all the time and making heavy CPU demands too, fluctuating between 30% and 70% CPU being used by Firefox. I, like many '''*MANY*''' others, have similar issues with FF on a Mac. After many years of this problem, which only gets worse, I've reached a point where I am going to drop FF in favor of Chrome.I have used Mc Afee Virus Scan Enterprise with e Policy Orchestrator for the last 5 years.This sort of problem has plagued us the whole time (With misc machines at misc times.) I started monitoring this thread as I am pretty sure the consumer and corporate versions have a signigicant amount of shared code.We have been infected with fake spyware over and over and over and Mc Afee will scan the obvious malware and say it is clean with up to date DAT files. I am now looking at and trialing several other products as I AM DONE WITH MCAFEE. The only reason I didn't replace it several years ago was that I have been busy with larger and much more important migrations, upgrades etc as our company went through massive structural changes.Many times I find the malware just by know where to look, then scan it with other products and it is flagged right away even though Mc Afee will give it a pass. The time to just suffer with the problem was less than to implement a new product.

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My latest problem is mcshield (vse8.8) taking 50-100% CPU on a Core2Duo system for long periods of time.

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