Main file updating failed dealing with intimidating students

The firmware currently is software version: 7.8.4r6 and I’m trying to update it with “2247NWG-firmware.bin” from this page .If you run into problems trying to update Word Press, it could be caused by the temporary directory Word Press uses for downloads.If I delete those dependencies from the vendor folder, then update, it works.Interestingly, some of the dependencies giving me trouble have new versions matching my constraints, but not all.You can easily fix this by defining a WP_TEMP_DIR in your file below.If you're trying to upgrade Word Press itself, you might encounter this error when trying to update: Hello Nurul, This error has been reported in the Word Press support forum.I ran into it myself and then somehow it went away before I could duplicate it. Do VCS metadata directories exist in those projects (e.g., Unfortunately, I worked around the problem by deleting the affected dependencies from the vendor folder. I think maybe glide, when you , puts all those folders back, resolves everything, then deletes them again. If that's the case, it's possible there were some VCS folders there, because I think the error message was causing glide to bomb out before it stripped the VCS folders back out. This time it worked, but there was a huge number of changes when I did a `git status'.When I looked deeper, every change was in a package that was a dependency of one of my packages.

@ansel1 I saw this once before when there were uncommitted changes to your project that pulls in the dependencies. I'm not sure about the nested VCS folders under vendor.This includes dependencies of the packages I need in my app. I’m trying to update the firmware on my Netopia 2247-62 router but keep getting “File update failed.” each time I try.However, we are glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue.If you would not mind sharing how you did it, it may be helpful for others who run into the same situation.

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