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[What good are police cameras without transparency?] Alvarez is apparently only somewhat frustrated that what appears to be a significant portion of the Chicago PD — who, let’s not forget, are government employees given the power to detain, arrest and kill — is openly and brazenly defying laws and policies aimed at holding officers accountable and keeping them transparent. In April 2014, the Los Angeles Times ran a similar story about the Los Angeles Police Department.The video that went viral showing Van Dyke killing Laquan was taken from a different squad car, but it, too, had no audio.Editor's note: This video contains graphic content.A day later, the same vehicle’s dashcam system was reported busted again. 8, 2014, to complete repairs of what technicians deemed “intentional damage,” according to reports. 20, 2014, dashcam video recorded from squad car No.6412 on the night Van Dyke shot and killed Mc Donald did not record audio.Maintenance records of the squad car used by Jason Van Dyke, who shot and killed Laquan Mc Donald, and his partner, Joseph Walsh, show monthslong delays for two dashcam repairs, including a long wait to fix “intentional damage.” On June 17, 2014, police technicians reported fixing a dashcam wiring issue in police vehicle No.6412, the squad shared by Van Dyke and Walsh, about three months after it was reported broken, records show.

These are deliberate attempts to destroy evidence, as are the countless incidents in which police have destroyed cellphone footage of arrests, beatings and other confrontations later resulting in allegations of abuse.

But the courts long ago determined that when evidence goes missing in a criminal case, the defense must prove ill intent on the part of police or prosecutors. The hot trend in the police reform debate right now is body cameras.

And it’s true, there have now been several studies now showing that body cams reduce assaults on police officers, use-of-force incidents and the number of complaints filed against police.

That law has since been struck down, but Anita Alvarez, the state’s attorney for Cook County who had the power and discretion to decline to prosecute given the circumstances, pushed ahead and attempted to put Moore in prison.

Her office did the same with Chicago artist Christopher Drew.

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