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22 Table 7 — Tons of Coal Produced, Average Days Worked, Number of Mines Operated, and Number of Employees in All Shipping Mines, With Percentages by Years from 1920 to 1967 Inclusive 23 Table S— Mines and Production 19 23 Table 9— Output of Shipping Mines and Days Worked Each Month in 1967 24 Table 10 — Disposition of Output, Explosives Used, and How Mined 30 Table 11 — Railroads Handling Coal and Mines Served by Each 44 Table 12 — Special Preparation Plants 47 Table 13 — Physical and Mechanical Characteristics of Shipping Mines, Tons Mined, Total Tons Mined, and Year Mine Opened 4S Table 14— Total Production of Coal in Tons by Counties, 1SS2-1967 52 Table 15 — Summary of the Various Seams of Coal, Kind of Opening, Manner of Working and Tons Produced From Each Seam 52 III Labor and Employment Table 16 — Non-Fatal Accidents by Counties and Months, 1967 54 Table 17 — Comparative Statistics of Fatal and Non-Fatal Accidents for the Period 192S to 1967 Inclusive 02 Table IS — Tons of Coal Mined, Number Employed, Number Killed and Injured, Tons Mined to One Man Killed and Injured, and Ratios Per 1,000 Employed and Per 1,000,000 Tons Mined— 1882-1967, Including Injuries Involving Loss of 30 Days or More 63 Table 19 — Fatal Accidents by Occupation and Causes, 1967 66 Table 20— Causes of Fatal Accidents by Years— 1882-1967 66 Table 21 — Comparative Statistics of Fatal Accidents for the Period 195S to 1967 Inclusive and tons mined to One Man Killed 6S Page Table 22— Fatal Accidents 69 Summary of Fatal Accidents 71 Table 23— Working Time 81 Table 24— Employees 81 IV Mechanization Table 25— Machine Mining for The Period 1928 to 1967 Inclusive, All Mines 84 Table 26 — Number of Mines Operated and Total Tons Mined; Strip Mines and Output; Number of Mines Using Machines, Number Used and Tonnage Undercut; Number of Mines Using Motors for Underground Haulage, Number of Motors Used and Tons Hauled; Also the Percentage of Each Class — Shipping Mines By Years 1907-1967 85 Table 27 — Method of Loading in Shipping Mines S6 Table 28 — Mechanical Loading in Shipping Mines for Thirty-seven Years, 1931-1967 87 Table 29 — Method of Loading in Shipping Mines for Thirty-seven Years, 1931-1967 88 Report of Division Inspection S9 Summary of Specific Work Report for State Mine Inspectors 90 Analytical Laboratory 91 Report of Miners' Examining Board 93 Certificates of Competency Issued by Miners' Examining Board 95 Summary of Activities of Mine Rescue Stations 104 Report of Metal Mines Operation 105 Report of Certificates of Competency Issued by Mining Board: State Mine Inspectors 106 Mine Managers, First Class 106 Mine Examiners 1 "' Electric Hoisting Engineers 10S Electric Hoisting Engineers — Metal Mine 108 Mine Rescue Station Assistant 108 Certificate of Compliance — Explosive 109 Division of Oil and Gas DIRECTORS OF ILLINOIS — DEPARTMENT OF MINES AND MINERALS Name Years served Address Remarks Newsam, Richard 1898-1912 1917-1919 Peoria John, Evan D Spaulding Thompson, Joseph C.Her deepest desire is covering him with her eternal blanket of passionate love and affection.Has the king queen mentality dead with threats of extinction in the current minds of this nation of people.Mar 2, 2017 Real Life Cam - Voyeur Videos, Hidden Cam, Real Life Cam Real Life Is this the real life Twitter Reallifecam / Watchme247 VK reallifecam videos - W Reallife Cam Fans: Realifecam reallifecam Carla and Mario after h.More than 50% of the married couples said that they have cheated at one point in life.

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April 2 to October 1, 1947 October 1, 1947 to February 20, 1948 March 1, 1948 to January 16, 1949....

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